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Lowongan : PT Pertamina Hulu Energi ONWJ

Professional Development Program (PDP)
The Professional Development Program (PDP) is made to recruit talented graduates, to develop hands-on professional and to build potential future leaders. This program is establish due to the need to ensure organizational capability in near future to anticipate increasing business activities, part of succession planning, tight market for oil & gas professional, and the need to prepare future leaders to be world class workforce.

This will be approximately 18 months program and it combines formal classroom training with hands-on learning experiences to adopt Corporate and Company business values. Throughout the program, PDPs will work with their supervisors and line managers regarding the program and learn on how to apply their knowledge. Departmental managers will have ultimate responsibility for the training, utilization, and performance feedback for each PDP. Expectations are that assignments will be designed to maximize PDPs experience to areas of exposure.

At the conclusion of each assignment, PDPs will present a summary of their training experience and project assignment to management: managers, EDP Committee, SMT, and the next assigned departmental manager in their rotation.

The program will have six (6) major agenda as follows:

  1. Introductory; an induction about Corporate and Company business values, including departmental awareness.
  2. Schoolroom; consist of core curriculum, leadership curriculum, and some basic technical training related to their role.
  3. On The Job Training; PDPs will have a job assignment with minimum 3 months of every assignment. In between, PDPs will be provided with.
  4. Review & Assessment; PDPs should present their introductory and project assignment to board of management and committee. The Review & Assessment will be held after finishing their Introductory and after completing each of their Job Assignments.
  5. Graduation; final review for each PDP and followed with Graduation Day to commemorate the program.


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