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Doctoral fellowships in Law, Economics, and Psychology : Germany

The IMPRS Uncertainty combines approaches from Economics, Law and Psychology to explain human decisions under uncertainty more effectively and to better design institutional responses.

The Uncertainty-School is jointly hosted by the Max Planck Institutes of Economics in Jena, for Human Development in Berlin, for Research on Collective Goods in Bonn, and the Department of Social Psychology and the School of Economics and Business Administration of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena. International Partners are the Program in Cognitive Science and the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis at Indiana University, Bloomington, the Interdepartmental Centre for Research Training in Economics and Management (CIFREM) at the University of Trento, and the Center for Rationality at the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. Associated Partner is the University of Bonn, „Rechts- und Staatswissenschaftliche Fakultät, Fachbereich Rechtswissenschaften“.

The Curriculum of the IMPRS-Uncertainty has three pillars:  a four-week summer school, an annual Thesis and Topics Workshop, and local training. Additionally scholars are encouraged to spend a term at a cooperating international institution.

Applicants are required to hold a Diploma, a Masters Degree or a State Exam with honors in one of the above mentioned disciplines or an equivalent degree in a related discipline.

Deadline for applications is October 31st, 2011. Applications have to be submitted online and should include a CV, transcripts, a letter of interest and two letters of recommendation. The online application form and further information are provided at

Both, the Max Planck Society and the Friedrich Schiller University are committed to improve the opportunities for women in the sciences and particularly encourage them to apply.
The International Max Planck Research School  on
Adapting Behavior in a Fundamentally Uncertain World    (IMPRS Uncertainty)
Max Planck Institute of Economics
Kahlaische Strasse 10
07745 Jena

Further Information

Application Deadline : 31 October 2011



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